Our stance on Gab, nazis, fascists and harassers in general 



Hope this blocking thing end soon, it's getting boring 😪 Timeline filled with shit and end result well we all know.

@inditoot @funkwhale Use your filters then and screen out any post with the word "gab."

It's important for the major apps and sites of the fedi to make their stance clear so people know who is safe and who isn't.

Believe it or not, people's safety is more important than you feeling bored.

@sandrockcstm @funkwhale

Funkwhale blocked me for saying I am getting bored 😂😂😂

@sandrockcstm @funkwhale @inditoot

"Believe it or not, people's safety is more important than you feeling bored."

Remember guys:

Right-wing Speech is Violence
Left-wing Violence is Speech

Also, OF COURSE this retard lists his preferred pronouns in its profile, the stupid cunt.
@ChristiJunior @sandrockcstm @funkwhale @inditoot We'd have a lot fewer problems if we started using violence as speech too.
@Ricotta @ChristiJunior @funkwhale @inditoot @sandrockcstm Violent intolerance towards enemies of civilisation. It was a thing until very recently and will be a thing again after the readjustment.
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