I wanna beat college administration and those babu so merciless they will not forget it for the rest of there life.😠

@inditoot Theyre small clerks forgive them. Later in life you won't even remember them


They know everything but didn't provide any right info, every time same thing "Vha chale Jai, unse baat Kar lo, Yha nhi Hoga"

@inditoot Those who've got a secured job in life tend to tk things for granted. They hv no fear of losing job if they do not perform their job well. That's y most govt officers do not serve public well. However there r sm exceptions everywhere. Ull find such nuts everywhere. Cant change it 😞


Akad ke baat kro sab tameez mei aa Jate Hai, Thodi respect de do toh akdne lagte Hai ajeeb duniya Hai respect chahiye hi nhi kisi ko

@inditoot Vishnu Gupt Chanakya says if we need to have authority or command over others, we must have some power that scares or supresses the other. Unki kahi hui baat aaj ke zamane mein bahut relevant hai

@Garv560 @inditoot Yes yday only I read so I remember. The book Chanakya neeti which contains his original writing. What he says sounds harsh but in practical world its all very relevant. Esp for emotional fools like me it makes easier to deal with the world πŸ˜…

@Amrit @inditoot ok, but don't be harsh with yourself , being emotional doesn't make one foolπŸ™‚

@Garv560 @Amrit

Well, I don't have that power that scare them a bit, A Gun would be nice πŸ˜… though for that.

Although Chanyaka quote is absolutely correct here.

@inditoot @Garv560 Just wait for Karma. Karma catches every creature irrespective of caste creed varna rang πŸ™ Aaj jo clerk banke tumhe sata raha hai kal ko kisi dusre janam mein tum usey sataogey. Yadi chahte ho ke to tumhe dobara na miley toh usey kshama kar do aur karm bandhan se mukt kar do :)

@Amrit @inditoot @Garv560 wow what a thought on karma kshama, great πŸ‘ πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

@dru4 @inditoot @Garv560 Thank u. So main acchi vakta ban sakti hun na. Spiritual Guru type motivational speaker πŸ˜‡

@Amrit @inditoot @Garv560 and when you get criticised it means you're famous hhahahah

@dru4 @inditoot @Garv560 Hehehe maybe I shd start it. Since when I ws thinking of content for my youtube channel lol

@Amrit @dru4 @inditoot mujhe manager rakh lena, Should i send my CV? πŸ˜‚

@Amrit @dru4 @inditoot yup just don't imitate Radhe Maa, that cartoon is unique πŸ˜€

@Amrit @inditoot @Garv560 but all will get their return either from you or others in the same life. i strongly experienced and believed.

@dru4 @inditoot @Garv560 Absolutely but then we dunno if what a person is doing is wrong or not. Maybe he is already repaying for his karma. Like in this case possible that @inditoot hurt him in his past life so this life he is repaying it back to him :)so its better not to curse & forgive & move on

@Amrit @inditoot @Garv560 absolutely i believe that as same but take it as the same life for others past, and believe that anyone can return you for hurting others as God is everywhere and in everything.

@Amrit @inditoot @Garv560 so i like to talk politely to everyone i see God in Beautiful twitch streamers πŸ˜‡β€‹ hhahahhahaha

@Amrit @inditoot @Garv560 I believe the God never will punish me for some flirt πŸ˜‡β€‹ hahahahahahha

@dru4 @inditoot @Garv560 If the other person is getting harassed due to ur flirt next janam youll bcm Woman so that those whom u harrassed vll molest you. Remember you get the karma back vd interest πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈ

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@dru4 @inditoot @Garv560 Not possible to see God in Sonia. I guess she killed the God within her & became Taadka rakshasi 😊

@Amrit @Garv560

>Aaj jo clerk banke tumhe sata raha hai kal ko kisi dusre janam mein tum usey sataogey.

I really don't wanna do that πŸ˜…

@inditoot @Amrit the penultimate confluence of sensible maturity and being Indian. A life lesson learning exclusively privileged to an Indian. Take it with a pinch of salt!πŸ˜‰

@inditoot wise up young man, I did that exactly years back and am never the wiser more...😎


But it's not a solution to the problem, Pyaar se kaam Ho Jae toh Jayda accha hai

@inditoot isiliye toh kaha...I am not more the wiser still...πŸ€—

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