@fedilab Hey! Tom Fedilab keep crashing playing audio for some reason 🙄

Strange, that works for me. What release do you use?


Now I am on 2.10.1 It works but Kind of slow and Timer doesn't work

@inditoot I will create an account on your instance. I need to test the glitch part.

@inditoot OK. It's not related to the instance. Could you give me more details about your device (also, I am using 2.10.3).

@inditoot Could you also clear data from the app? Open the main menu, click on three vertical dots, then "Cache" and "Yes" for clearing everything.

This feature clear cache directories of the app but also clean safely its database.


It's faster now but Timer does not work 😕

Ok. I get it. I don't know why playing asks for microphone access.
If you try to record a voice message and allow microphone access, it will then work.
I will investigate for this access when reading only.


After Giving permission its working, and if You have slow network it does tend to take a little time before showing you player.

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