Aankhon mein Tera hi chehra

@Amrit You gonna love this, and see Shahid Kapoor 🀨

@inditoot Haha already loving it..the band name was Aryans !
Such songs made our childhood special. The only decade when indipop survived ❀🌷

@Amrit and checkout Shahid kapoor πŸ™„This was first time I listened to this song and now it's my favorite

@inditoot If you havent witnessed 90s indipop then u surely missing a lot in life coz those albums were grrrrr8 for ears but also a treat for eyes to watch the visuals. Ill share some 2-3 most famous ones. When get tym do chk..im sure ull love their themes


@Amrit ohh I do miss the indipop, watching some of the and Hits and loving it, but this song Ankhon mein is pure lub

@inditoot hehehe Yes it is...here one more...Harry Anand...he used to compose n sing both. Just losten to his voice its so soothing. U can chk his entire album it ws fab. One thing all music vdos were clean vd intense love story bt no touching or kissing 🀭


Haha some sad moments like in Aankhon mein

@inditoot Heehee uske baad hi Shahid took it on heart & built up his muscles n turned macho coz he was rejected by the girl in his maiden album πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜πŸ˜œ


Behind every muscular man there is an women 😜

@inditoot There is a woman who rejected him when he was skeleton n innocent type :yay:
Btw ! You're 'Inditoot' & You did not know about 'IndiPop' till date? Very bad Ninja :Angryearth:

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