@inditoot @dru18 Aiyooo 😭😭😭😭 I'm about to reach this scene soon in my Ramcharitmanas reading. But m sure Ramji may not even have one tear in his eyes while seeing off Bharat ji coz he has always been smiling till nw even when Kaikeyi mata asked him to dress like a sage n go to vanvas of 14 years. Mahabharat is relevant today but Ramayan is more heart touching. Ramji was most patient person ever born on earth ❀🌷😌

@inditoot @dru18 And yes off course the divinity in the voice of Swargiya Ravindra Jain ji is πŸ™

@Amrit @dru18

I am trying to find other songs too but no luck, Most videos are small cut from Ramayan series πŸ˜”

@dru4 @Amrit

They are clip from Ramayan not a full song/bhajan.

although i did listen to all of them but mine favorite is Ram Bhak le chla re Ram ki nishni

@inditoot @dru4 Ye serial bahut samay pehle aaya tha na isliye iska itna adhik editing nahi hua. I know kuch bahut sundar bhajan hain is series mein jo episode ke beech mein aate they
See ye ek compilation hai

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