Deleted my #facebook account today 😊

@inditoot Great πŸ‘ ! I would like to do that as well. But unfortunately I'm registered on spotify with my facebook account and I can't change this without deleting my current spotify account and creating a new one. That wouldn't be that big of a deal if I wouldn't have a spotify family. I think such restricitions shouldn't be allowed!


Most services allow you to add email and other information to access accounts through other means.

Contact Spotify ask them to add email addresse of yours so you can access that account.

@inditoot That would be great if that works! Thank you so much! I already wrote them an e-mail after I read your first answer. Let's wait and see for their answer!

@inditoot It worked! Thank you very much! But I think there should be an easier way than writing an e-mail to do this (button in the settings). But I'm happy!


😊Well now you can be free from Facebook and yes, you can attach an email yourself it depends on the provider if they allow it or not.

ahh free at last! now block them on your host or network πŸ˜‰


I never used that account for Years, and I use multiple blocking add on to block them

@inditoot Oh ya btw FB had blocked me for 10 days in Sept last week as I called one guy jihadi pig...but when I reported his comment abusing Hindus FB said it'll take 24 hours to review & that review is still not finished by their highly unbiased community guideline team hah !


Mai FB bhut din se use ni kr rha Tha, Account aise hi pda Tha toh Socha delete hi kr du

@inditoot aiiyooo ur gutsy...mere toh duniya bhar ke photos hain wo sochke delete nahi kiya jata deactivate karke chhor deti hun


You can download all of the data from settings and after that you can delete your account


Yup, Wait will link to some tutorial or blog post

Delete karne ki mehnat mat karo, kuch jehadiyon ko dil kholkar gaaliyan de do, 2 ghante me fb khud account delete karwa dega πŸ˜†

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