finally setup kubuntu everything as I wanted it to be #linux ❤️

@inditoot Nice! I run Linux Mint with xfce and plank (for the panel) and it's very fast.


Hmm its pretty nice, I will switch to fedora soon

@sjw @hinduaetheist

Just Checked out Arch and it's pretty nice, The amount of control it gives to user is kind of cool.

Although I am just starting out so it would be nice to stick to Fedora or Kubuntu for now.

@inditoot @sjw @hinduaetheist Most people recognize arch, so they'll know right away if you say you use arch. Also fedora has a hat for a logo :archlinux:
@inditoot @hinduaetheist Yeah, it's not really a beginner system. Still, the Arch Wiki is a great Linux resource even if you aren't using Arch.
That being said, for beginners, I typically recommend MX Linux these days.
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