I'm Closing down Inditoot for forever. I won't be maintaining it. You can move to other servers like qoto and quey. ❤️


Yeah, response is too low from the community so it doesn't make sense to put more effort into it


there are some issues so i have to do this.

i will be completely shut it down on Feb1



If you know someone That can run this i will be very happy to transfer it to him/her to run

@inditoot it's really sad to know. How I can be a help to keep it running.

@inditoot let me know how to maintain it? I will do my best. Let's meet online and discuss this.

1) Forget the idea of shutting down.
2) Identify a group of people who may be able to help in running this.
3) Be a part of the group forever.

Good things take forever to reach people. Leaving it midway is not an option.

We got to hold this for combating Twitter Monopoly and FoE.


The main issue is funding and finding people who use it actively and promotion.

I don't have time to promote it and can't put more money into it

@inditoot @BalajiRamKrish don't give up. I have promised you to do what I can. We need to find way to promote

@BalajiRamKrish @inditoot not been here for a while. I wish we get more people to chip in. How much is needed to keep this going??

@inditoot Why don't anyone try manyverse?

It doesn't require a server.

@Manushya it's not stable and connecting to one another is much difficult and finding content or exploring is very limited

@inditoot I have some free aws and Google cloud credits. Can we collaborate?

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