@inditoot I'm a bit late but I just saw you're closing this down. Are you very sure? You could pass it off to another person. You have a lot of users, and I think it's valuable even if you aren't promoting it.


Some funding related issue and couldn't find anyone that want to maintain it


Merchandise was the only thing that stood good chance to solve the funding issue for the long run - even if partially.



Of course.
Money, time, effort - without guarantee for anything.

Yet, that was the best workable chance.


@Muo The problem is money, i cant start anything without it


I understand.
As things stand, axing inditoot is perhaps the wise call.


Good, if you want to maintain inditoot I can pass it to you


I would had considered that seriously if this was 15 years ago, or even 10 - it is no longer my cup of tea.

Nonetheless, I am flattered by your offer. Thanks.

@inditoot @sachin

Inditoot needs a scaleable revenue stream.
Like mer... sigh!

@inditoot how can we move to other servers . Please let me know.

Pleasantly surprised that @inditoot is still up, and working. What did I miss??


Many user contacted me personally and supported financially 😊 that is why it's still up

@inditoot There would be many like me... unaware that the site is up, and not going away.

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