We will going to update today, Server will be down for some time.

@noor @selea @masterofthetiger

On the other hand we can buy an ultimated Google drive account and send everything there πŸ˜‚ Cheap as hell

I need look into this 😁

@switchingsocial @narF

Well it didn't take me anywhere although
Now it's fixed on both toot, both are showing Follow button and when click take you to Follow page where you have to put user name.


Let me give you a bad news that dev will not be maintaining it anymore πŸ˜”

@dru4 @snder @noor

Certainly they do know alot about dividing people

@snder @noor @dru4

Hmm come to India and I gift you a Big pack of it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

@noor @snder @dru4

Rapid Growth tell a different story, many may not like it but it's the truth and So the high crime rate suggests

@snder @noor @dru4

And They do work 😁Personal Experience I would say

@snder @noor @dru4

If you ever read that book it has alot of method of controlling yourself for long period of time, it won't be an issue for them

@snder @noor @dru4

The book was written for finding possibilities of increasing the fun and intimacy, understanding both gender not for making babies.

@snder @noor @dru4

Yes it indeed going to work, Reason for increased Population as You mentioned
Lack of knowledge
No Knowledge Birth control
And Religious one too

The reason we need is to control high crime rates, better service can be given and having less baby means parents can prvide educat

@snder @noor @dru4

We need population control law immediately πŸ™„ Hope Gov do something on the matter

@snder @noor @dru4

Many politicians try to divide people based on there language to get political benefits so it's nothing new, so people keep fighting on this.

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