I didn't understand in what context you talking about?


Sadly, I cant switch launcher after using search based launcher kiss. Its just became a part of my life.

@hindujedi Working on app so there will be some good crowd coming in few days.

There is Just A small payment issue going on 😬


it will fetch only new post so wait for them to post something

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@asg_anupam @akarshanbiswas

Yes, but it highly depends upon the how much we can invest in it.

@snder I dont know,what is the meaning of above sentence?🙃

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IIT-G develops AI powered assisted engineering system design tool involved in the designing of induction motors news.siliconindia.com/technolo via Silicon India #EV #Smart-Engineer

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Inditoot android app sneak peek:
After trying all the best available apps for Android, we finally settled with @Tusky .
Almost Everything is done. We need more of our unique elephant from @ArtistMichi to give it a custom flavor .

@Tusky lacks notification streaming supports but its perfect for someone who's new into .

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@inditoot I have fixed the icon problem. Now we only need our desi elephants!

@zalandocalrissian @SolSoCoG

Most of them are from Vietnam, I haven't seen any spam coming from India though.

Just block the Vietnam completely from accessing your instance and you will be free from spam.


Buy a servet at buyvm(local storage is just 5$ per tb) and install minio on it or get hertzner dedicated server (HDD are super cheap)


Make Your post privacy settings to Unlisted if you using Twitter crossposter.

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