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Watch Sanskrit channel. Do subscribe & donate them.
They're doing a wonderful job of reviving Sanskrit language.

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@scott @Curator @SocialCoop

I seen a strip notification on Diaspora showing that the service runs on donations with a link of donation page and showing How much they need and how much has been funded.

The bot thing is cool 🙂 but The better solution would showing them a notification in notification column periodically that this service run on donations eg once a week.

@dru4 Good to know that 😊 Kya chal rha hai aaj kal ?

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@snder @Gargron

They even have seprate database too which user can install to get global public info, isnt it cool and make user search alot better if provided with some additional filters. 🙂

I cant fake my location to book a ticket now great 😑


Thanks 🙂 it will be fun to learn more and more about it.


hmm interesting, So why people use it and for what? 🙂 Linux community is crazy about it for some reason

@zingbretsen @kezzbracey

a little about plugin and most used ones, custmizing it without plugin basic with .vimrc file and with plugin.

That is it.

@zingbretsen @kezzbracey

The ways we can use vim other than writting code and text, and a little about IDE in ViM and why we should use it?
Increasing efficiency and few basic things i guess with it.


hmm I Just started learning, i learn the basic of Vim quite quickly and wanted to learn it more IDE stuff.


Can You share what is evil tutor? 🙂 i am also learning VIM right now maybe it can help me too.

@[email protected] @freemo

That doen through Server Using Terminal @freemo or someone that has access to Qoto server can do that.

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