A taqiya there, a taqiya here,
A taqiya wrapped in taqiya gear;
If you add one more taqiya now,
A taqiya cabbage green, oh dear!

A taqiya here, a taqiya there,
A taqiya over taqiya wear;
When taqiya meets a taqiya first,
Would you call it a taqiyaffair?

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The practitioner of Arthashastra
Whose moves are like sarpa astra
One gets poisoned but don't realise
It is the fatal style of politics for Amit Bhai.

The man, you may know him as अमित,
His favourite subject has been गणित;
The moves, no one knows,
Like unseen arrows,
Which make his adversaries भ्रमित!

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What happens when Siri becomes Sita, the Constitution gets back its sketches on Rāma and Kṛṣṇa, and as if that were not enough, a dozen refugees enter your home.

A satire.


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Even on Twitter, which by the confession of its CEO continues to have a leftist tilt, I have never been suspended for tweeting my views.

Imagine getting suspended permanently on a site that claims to uphold free speech, and for not even a toot on its server, but for what I tweeted.

You are doing great, @inditoot. Keep tooting!


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Left is constantly targeting me on Twitter just because I support free speech and welcome everyone on my server. 😅

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Unfortunate, but not an unexpected chain of events.
It is not an accident that is a leftist bastion. The key person's views colour the commumity everywhere. And Eugen has been mostly a friend for the extreme left of the west... I wonder why people leave the birdsite and come here.

More power to you @inditoot. I like the tag that sea creature used for in that conversation : . Maybe we should trend it.


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Senior Adv K Parasaran, who led the arguments for Ram Lalla in #Ayodhya, after verdict

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We have renewed the domain and Paid for Hosting bills. It will be big help if you can donate something to keep this alive 🙂

Donate Via UPI - [email protected]
PAYPAL - paypal.me/vaibhavg26

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can't stop tears. what a day to be alive. So many people who are not with us to see this day. Ashok Singhal ji's name comes to the mind first. Can't even imagine how happy Advani ji will be today. we all owe so much to them

Do you think She Who Shall Not Be Memed is a psychopath? (Just checking out the poll option. 😁)

Hey, @inditoot, I heard Gab is getting on this as well. True?

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Indonesian Govt erected a beautiful statue of the goddess Saraswati at the entrance of its embassy in Washington D.C., USA


@inditoot It seems like the update fixed the space issues.

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