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Senior Adv K Parasaran, who led the arguments for Ram Lalla in #Ayodhya, after verdict

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We have renewed the domain and Paid for Hosting bills. It will be big help if you can donate something to keep this alive 🙂

Donate Via UPI - [email protected]
PAYPAL - paypal.me/vaibhavg26

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can't stop tears. what a day to be alive. So many people who are not with us to see this day. Ashok Singhal ji's name comes to the mind first. Can't even imagine how happy Advani ji will be today. we all owe so much to them

Do you think She Who Shall Not Be Memed is a psychopath? (Just checking out the poll option. 😁)

Hey, @inditoot, I heard Gab is getting on this as well. True?

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Indonesian Govt erected a beautiful statue of the goddess Saraswati at the entrance of its embassy in Washington D.C., USA


@inditoot It seems like the update fixed the space issues.

@inditoot By the way, is there a URL for each toot? Can I quote toots (either mine or others')?

@inditoot The toot ignores spaces. The code above has indentations that are not considered while tooting. Something to check up on.

With Twitter arbitrarily reducing the number of retweets today, I hope they ask Jack what this code is doing inside.


if user in rWing:
rtCount -= whatEver
followCount -= whichEver
user.shadowBan(DAILY, 2002, 2200)

if location['INDIA'].feeling(BORED):

Dear @inditoot, any plans of font formatting (bold and italic)?

What is CW? 

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We Have a profile directory feature You can enable it in from Your profile inditoot.com/settings/profile

Add Hashtag in Your Bio as per your interest to find people with same interest

Profile Directory -inditoot.com/explore

Hello, @inditoot! Is there a way to add some colors to the web UI (or to the app)?

I wanted to go pink for a day in honor of She Who Shall Not Be Surnamed. 😄

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