Do you think She Who Shall Not Be Memed is a psychopath? (Just checking out the poll option. 😁)

Hey, @inditoot, I heard Gab is getting on this as well. True?

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Indonesian Govt erected a beautiful statue of the goddess Saraswati at the entrance of its embassy in Washington D.C., USA

@inditoot It seems like the update fixed the space issues.

@inditoot By the way, is there a URL for each toot? Can I quote toots (either mine or others')?

@inditoot The toot ignores spaces. The code above has indentations that are not considered while tooting. Something to check up on.

With Twitter arbitrarily reducing the number of retweets today, I hope they ask Jack what this code is doing inside.


if user in rWing:
rtCount -= whatEver
followCount -= whichEver
user.shadowBan(DAILY, 2002, 2200)

if location['INDIA'].feeling(BORED):

Dear @inditoot, any plans of font formatting (bold and italic)?

What is CW? 

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We Have a profile directory feature You can enable it in from Your profile

Add Hashtag in Your Bio as per your interest to find people with same interest

Profile Directory

Hello, @inditoot! Is there a way to add some colors to the web UI (or to the app)?

I wanted to go pink for a day in honor of She Who Shall Not Be Surnamed. 😄

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Today I made my Tata Sky subscription almost . 😁

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May the godess of Knowledge and Wisdom bless us all.

Best wishes to all of you on Basant Panchami

It's time to crank up the heat on Inditoot! A toot a day to keep the tweets at bay. What say?!

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Indeed it's fun to toot-toot,
With fellow Indics at Inditoot,
The UI is easy,
It looks quite pleasy, 👍👍
That it'll be popular, is a point moot.
Happy to be on @inditoot.

🙏 🙏

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