Do you think She Who Shall Not Be Memed is a psychopath? (Just checking out the poll option. 😁)

@kansara lolll who is this? Barkingdot!? Fingerfeminist? I'm curious

A completely wrong line of thought. 😁 The WB of CM.

In the browser? The app (Fedilab) seems to have some trouble refreshing the toots.

@kansara Yes in browser use PC in mobile it looks the same, Better Update the app. Dev has stopped providing update on Playstore, to promote open source app store called Fdroid

Which app would you recommend? Fedilab is OK?


Fedilab is good but dev said that he won't provide update on Play store. You can get update from Fdroid or You can use Tusky,

@sjw @fedilab

I did remember a post saying that it will become paid on Playstore.

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