पृष्ठ संख्या - १४७ (147), राग दरबारी, १९६८ (1968)

Sounds like “Ah thoda aur thoda aur” when Barkha Dutt says, Wo headmaster ka ladka tha.

धैर्य एक ऐसा बल है जिसके सामने ईश्वर भी हार मान लेते है।

@ritwikraghav14 @Mandvi @inditoot आपका कोटी कोटी धन्यवाद। अब जाके प्यास बुझी 🙌🏽

Put you hands up if you know any of the Lord Shiv pooja Mantra. Any of them.
I know 4 mantra, one is with eight shloks in it. @inditoot

China has a "best friend" which is not only a republic but an Islamic republic. What a joke.

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