Listening to Punjabi songs for hour's without understanding a word 😂😂 but music is Lit 🔥

@inditoot इस सिमरन ने आग लगा रखी है।

@lalit Did you know the meaning of this song bro?


@inditoot yes this is the song about the female counterpart of the famous, rather "infamous" love story of Sahiba and Mirza in Punjab. People say that Sahiba didn't save her lover from getting killed by her brothers. This song is about the Sahiba's side of the story, she's is justifying here that she was not wrong and all. I have ancestral connection to Punjab (I don't really know how) so I know the story, my Mamaji narrated this to me few years ago.


Hmm any link where I can read that story 🤔

@inditoot I don't know bro. Maybe google it, It's quite famous in Punjab so there shall be something on the internet about it.

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