Finally reading this book . Had bought it last month, but could not find time to start reading.

Yes. Definitely.
Right now reading about Baji Prabhu Deshpande and the battle in Pawankhind (पावनखिंड) where he along with 300 brace maawles held off Bijapur soldiers till Maharaj reached Vishalgad.

There's a book with same name (पावनखिंड). It is in Marathi, not sure if any translation is available.


I think as of now these type summary in saffron sword are good. More knowledge in less time, interesting to read going deeper is not everyone cake.

Yes. I think the small summaries as in Saffron Swords is good enough for a start. So that once people read and if they are interested in knowing more they will look for more reading material.

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