Watchman says his wife will come later.
I say “no hurry.”
Then to improve my Hindi, I ask what means ‘hurry’ in Hindi?
He says “Hari toh Bhagawan ka nam hai.”
I say, no I mean English hurry, matlab kuch jaldi karna.
Watchman: yeh Hari ka kam nahin hai. Kuch jaldi karna shaitan ka kam hai

very wise

Twitter doesn't seem to like this type of tweets but surely nothing is wrong with it ->

isn't it amazing: Hindu Dharma is the only faith of the 3 big ones which does NOT divide humanity into "us versus them".

yet it is the only faith which is ACCUSED that it divides humanity into "us versus them."

Something is fishy with twitter. especially with handles whio speak up for India ...
so i came here, but not yet familiar with the settings... looks a bit complicated

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