if you have not seen yet my letter to PM Modi, please have a look.
it has been also translated into Hindi.
here is English version, it's not long

Everyone in my neighbourhood followed PM Modi Ji's request to clap or beat thalis in support of medical staff. from roof and terraces around.
Felt quite emotional.
only in India such strong community sense.
Glad to be here, especially now.

Social distancing = not touching others unnecessarily.

Remember how Hindus were demonized for having rules whom not to touch?

“Untouchability” was portrayed as being much worse than millions having been ki!!ed in the name of the Christian and Muslim God.
And now?

Btw India taught hygiene to the British.

Sorry, was not on inditoot for long, as twitter seemed to have lifted the restrictions which were imposed for 3 months since Feb 2019 and
it worked again normal...

i know that many of those fluent in English want to keep English as medium of instruction.
but i am convinced it harms India. my write up

at first the white letters on black background on inditoot was a bit confusing, but by now it feels much better to the eyes...

how much media worldwide shouted "terror accused Sadvi" when she stood for election in Bhopal.
yet why was she terror accused & even tortured?
Because her opponent (& others) wanted it so, not because she was guilty.

Media can really distort things badly.
Luckily Indians can't be easily influenced.

isn't it strange?
when Pope John Paul II openly said in India in 1999 that in the 21. century they will plant the cross in Asia, nobody was alarmed.

yet when Hindus say that they want the only country, they have, to remain Hindu, a big outcry even in international media.
Why this bias?

नमो नमः | वंदे मातरम् ||

Vaishakh Krishna Navami,

K - 09/02/7580

Grishma Ritu

Reject Christian CE Calendar.

Please BOOST & spread the word 🙏

Watchman says his wife will come later.
I say “no hurry.”
Then to improve my Hindi, I ask what means ‘hurry’ in Hindi?
He says “Hari toh Bhagawan ka nam hai.”
I say, no I mean English hurry, matlab kuch jaldi karna.
Watchman: yeh Hari ka kam nahin hai. Kuch jaldi karna shaitan ka kam hai

very wise

Twitter doesn't seem to like this type of tweets but surely nothing is wrong with it ->

isn't it amazing: Hindu Dharma is the only faith of the 3 big ones which does NOT divide humanity into "us versus them".

yet it is the only faith which is ACCUSED that it divides humanity into "us versus them."

Something is fishy with twitter. especially with handles whio speak up for India ...
so i came here, but not yet familiar with the settings... looks a bit complicated

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