A number of people have asked how to make Wordpress blogs federate with the Fediverse (including Mastodon and Pixelfed).

You can do this by adding the ActivityPub for Wordpress plugin from here:


When the plugin is installed, it allows anyone on the Fediverse to follow your Wordpress blog.

It's still in beta, the plugin's developer is @pfefferle

#ActivityPub #Fediverse #WordPress #Mastodon #Pixelfed

Indian government is pushing for China like surveillance of social media (#Facebook #YouTube #Twitter) through #Aadhar #UID.

I may sound like an anti-national, but this is to be opposed, or social networks like #Inditoot itself have no future.

There's something seriously wrong in the global financial markets, when banks are offering mortgages at zero or negative rates.

> Jyske Bank, Denmark's third largest, has begun offering borrowers a 10-year deal at -0.5%, while another Danish bank, Nordea, says it will begin offering 20-year fixed-rate deals at 0% and a 30-year mortgage at 0.5%.
> Under its negative mortgage, Jyske said borrowers will make a monthly repayment as usual – but the amount still outstanding will be reduced each month by more than the borrower has paid.

"Danish bank launches world's first negative interest rate mortgage" Aug. 13, 2019 at theguardian.com/money/2019/aug

So far in this past two months:

* Setup #Nextcloud, cancelled #Dropbox
* Bought #ProtonVPN
* Got setup on #Tutanota premium
* Deleted a #Gmail account (2 left)
* Setup a #Linux PC instead of console for watching videos
* Got Resolve going on Linux (till I switch to a FOSS NLE)
* Finished my last #Kindle ebook
* Got a Surface Go to replace my iPad, installed Manjaro on it

Today I've just taken the final steps to get rid of my iPad

Next step, get a #LineageOS phone till I can get a #libre phone

Correction : Spokesperson for Pakistan Army, not their general. Asif Gafoor is merely a Major General.

Pakistani general, after exhausting budget for paid birdsite trends against India. 😁😄😆

Want to help make #Fediverse (#Mastodon) more useful for new people interested in #OpenStreetMap?

The #Trunk is several lists of people who post about a topic here on the fediverse. It's a good way for new people to get started by finding people who share their interest.

And now there's a list for OpenStreetMap folk! 🙂 If you toot a lot about #OSM and would like to help new people, request to be added to the list. Or use it to find other OSMers to follow.


सभी को रक्षाबंधन, स्वतन्त्रता दिवस व संस्कृत दिवस की शुभकामनाऐं।


If you have a little time for testing #FediPlan, I would be happy to get your feedback.

Now, you can check your scheduled statuses and remove them.


Article at Vice about the copyright status of books published in the 1923 to 1964, showing that around 80% of them are in the public domain. Follow @SecretlyPublicDomain who is posting the entries.

#Books #PublicDomain #Libraries #Copyright



ॐ शांति, सुषमा स्वराज ।

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