Truecaller user data including names, phone numbers and email addresses of users worldwide is available for sale on private internet forums. Data of Indian users is being sold for about Rs 1.5 lakh


I logged out my main account from Twitter app from my phone today. I think this is permanent.

There are only two twitter accounts that I care for, but Twitter intermittently censors both of them.

All things considered, I don't expect to lose much of value but will gain much time.

is having a logo redesign contest and the final 5 entries are ... sad.

Who is the person who designed @inditoot's logo? Maybe he or she can help?

Kapil Routray, Patnaik et al. were warning about this since years that there are villages there (near large M communities) which could disappear overnight and nobody would even know.

Congregate or perish.

Probably the most important thing the modern Hindu needs to realize.

Tyagi was with daughter when she was eve teased by Shamsher Alam. Tyagi dropped daughter home and went to Alam's home to complain - instead stabbed to death by Alam and his father Jehnagir. They kept stabbing Tyagi and son Anmol. Anmol battling for life
Low-level random unceasing violence...

My 300+ followers on the birdsite give lesser interaction, and of markedly lower quality than just a dozen that I have on .

This is the real reason why has a future, but not , even though Twitter has richer content.

Impressive speed!
Looks like either central leadership ( = ) has acted, or has extraordinary political acumen and resources inside the system already.

The milestone has been achieved already and @inditoot now has
1062 users as per

This is fast, just recently, when I tooted the quoted toot, we were less than 900.
Looks like next level challenges are coming.

Watchman says his wife will come later.
I say “no hurry.”
Then to improve my Hindi, I ask what means ‘hurry’ in Hindi?
He says “Hari toh Bhagawan ka nam hai.”
I say, no I mean English hurry, matlab kuch jaldi karna.
Watchman: yeh Hari ka kam nahin hai. Kuch jaldi karna shaitan ka kam hai

very wise

@ramparmar No and never

I think i created it for running away from ads. its just about connecting user

If one can donate 15 to 25 every month we can run it without an issue. That not too much to ask for.

@mu @hindujedi @ritwikraghav14 @chalat

"Incognito modes are primarily built to block traces of your online activity being left on your computer – not the web," and so provide a false sense of privacy.

@michaelgrothaus suggests another approach of using multiple browsers with tracker blocking.

Original tweet:

🎉Great Victory For Indian Army🎊

Tariq Malvi and Lateef Ahmad Dar have been killed by 34 RR and SOG in Imam Sahib, Shopian. Dar was also known as Lateef Tiger, a nom de guerre which he probably gave himself. He was the last living terrorist in this infamous picture, part of Burhan Wani’s gang.

On a day when India was busy with its affairs, a hint of something big happening in Europe appears.

Our previous research has found about a quarter of people have the Do Not Track setting on: 

With so many people actively requesting not to be tracked, it's high time websites respected that. This proposed law would make it

Original tweet:

is evil. It was Modi's biggest mistake, that most of us just accepted.
Now, instead of making it optional, they are pushing it everywhere to create like situations, eventually.

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