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If your service provider is offering it, one can also go for their merchandise. I prefer this, since using merchandise gives two healthy vibes:

1. That you care for your privacy, and are buying stuff for supporting services - a class statement in itself, along with secondary positive meanings.

2. It promotes the service itself to the people you meet in real life. Especially if the merchandise is of good quality - and makes people want to use it themselves.

Can someone point to me to a proper discussion (or has a succinct explanation) of why Wikipedia has blocked all activities coming through VPNs, including for logged-in users? I understand the point of disallowing anonymous edits coming from VPN-connected devices, but I struggle to see how IP blocking is helpful to limit abuse coming from logged-in users (once a user is logged in, then why should they care about the IP?). Thanks!

Liberals boycotting prominent scholarly events would be nice. This thought must be encouraged.

🇵🇰🚨👮‍♂️🚔>>>😡 🇮🇳 📝

பாரத வெளிவிவகார அமைச்சகம் இத்தாக்குதலை கண்டித்து அறிக்கை வெளியிட்டது...

भारतीय विदेश मंत्रालय ने इस हमले की निंदा करते हुए बयान जारी किया।

's head of International relations has written a scathing article to explain his resignation.

Indicted are Google's attitude towards and abusive "diversity exercises".

used 2012 Delhi murder plus rape case (labelled or ) to get votes in 2014 - he said he'll make safer for women.

5 years later, he repeated the same things as what Sheila Dixit used : police is under center and judiciary is independent;

He is giving empty adverts to his radio friends on tax payers' money;

and now safety to women is still just a promise that he makes again, for votes.

Tokyo Olympic organizers say they are spending about $12.6B to stage next year's games. Organizers say the expenditure is unchanged from a year ago, although robust sponsorship and ticket sales have generated a contingency fund of an extra $30 million. 

#News #AP

Full-List of bots:

After even hawkers and rickshaw pullers have got 4G handsets with 1 GB daily data limit, Delhi's CM Kejriwal finally delivers Wi-Fi he promised 5 years ago.

How good wi-fi is compared to mobile 4G remains to be seen if, and a big if, public adopts this.

The high court, however, refused to pass any order on release of detained people as the court was of the view that parents/guardian of detained student, if any, can approach a competent court for their release and same cannot be done in a PIL by way of general order.


now requires one to log in to read comments.
Maybe a proper FOSS alternative is needed, compatible with .

The degree of brainwashing is astounding. alone cannot do that.

I must add, it is not just Hindu girls that fall victim to
. Christians and their offshoots (secular humanists, free thinkers, atheists, agnostics, and their other cousins) suffer the same way, though to a lesser degree.

Is there any dealer shipping customizable laptops in India?
Azom Syatems is the only one I can find, but they are prohibitively expensive and do not offer many of things I looking for.

Comrade nonsense is back!
And first thing he does is to forget to tell that Shiv Sena is even more RW than BJP. That it literally had street thugs as cadre and won against seculars of his variety.

... now that they ally with Xongress.

. @Chaayos doing facial recognition instead of OTP. I took this video today.

1. No terms&conditions displayed
2. Consent isn't real when there's no opt out option
3. We don't know if chaayos will sell this data/gives itself the right to

More 👇

@hinduaetheist @mu

These Libs are grade A commies.

Some of them were even threatening @stux that they will leave his instance if he doesn't make emojis for them.


ZERO understanding oh how Fedreated servers work.

Leave !! Go !! its better for server performance !!


My guess is that these fickle heads will over time leave this platform when the dust settles over at twitter.

Especially considering that these dupes never intend to support the server admins.

Fucking freeloaders!!


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