I have a feeling that there is little point in following people on one's own instance, especially while the instance is small - the local TL shows every toot and interaction anyway.


True but home feed give a more personlize space based on your own taste.
Local Timeline is basically what everyone else is doing.

@inditoot Most of those active on Inditoot have similar views and understanding - they are overtly RW.

People share stuff largely to share/inform others about similarly themed stuff. And there is hardly any discussion or activity.


I am aware of this but there isnt any solution to this.

Fed Timeline simply feel alien to me.


@inditoot Is there a way to see which instance federates with which one? For example, if I had to check how federates, can I do that without admin privileges?

@inditoot I asked because as an admin you can control how your instance federates - yet, you feel federated TL is not to your liking (I feel the same, btw).

Perhaps you maybe able to stop federation from instances openly devoted to adult stuff? I note that is trending today.


I usually block them its a Pleroma instance that allow some adult stuff with content warning


i can setup relay but all instance are the same post content that may not interest our user base

Looks like @inditoot is near achieving a critical milestone : its first 1000 users.

Calls for a celebration?


@inditoot @mu wow!! great. lets keep at it. shouldn't loose interest or steam.
identify the 1000th user. just a nice little thing. we'll all congratulate

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