I have a feeling that Quora employs various dirty tricks to target certain users.

1. There was a time I couldn't click on my notifications (both on phone and various PCs)

2. Shadowbanning by restricting views, which is certain.

3. Disabling anonymous answers for certain users/IPs or something.

Quora has been on a hyperdrive recently. Maybe something to do with election season?

Somebody got edit blocked twice in a row, despite there being no activity between the two blocks. Bans and edit-blocks being handed out like cars in the Oprah show.

Crappy site with crappy mods.

@vaibhavgupta All Foreign SM should be restricted. A far-sighted person would have seen this coming a decade and a half ago.

The Iron Law of Oligarchy holds.

@vanihba1993 @vaibhavgupta Use Stackexchange instead of Quora. Even Yahoo Andwers is better.

@mu @vanihba1993 @vaibhavgupta YA is shit AFAIK and SE is not a social network like Kora. There's restriction on content. It's meant mostly for info. People use Kora for ideas, opinions, interpetations, stories, expositions etc. Not for info. You can basically write op-ed type stuff on Kora.

@mu @vanihba1993 @vaibhavgupta And SE isn't involved in petty politics and ideology. Strictly factual content with little room for interpreting/speculating. But Kora has practically become a tool for universalising the left-liberal worldview due to their unethical moderation. Highly polarised place.

@vaibhavgupta @mu @vanihba1993 I don't know saar. There's write.as. It's part of the fediverse, I think. You know anything about it?

@vaibhavgupta @mu @vanihba1993 Right now, one good way is to create content in fediverse and share the content on mainstream sites like birdsite and Kora. Like we're sharing twitter links here right now. It should be reversed because content won't get deleted here. Birdsite can be used for reach.


@bhupatiranga you may also try the instance of Mastodon. qoto.org (question others, teach others) is devoted to question asking and answering.

Cool people there. But very few Indians.

@vaibhavgupta @vanihba1993

Well technically it will be lost in feed so its not one should use
@bhupatiranga @vanihba1993

@vaibhavgupta @mu @vanihba1993 Lol, yeah. But if the Indics are posting there, the Indics on Inditoot can interact with it right? If people we know post in qoto, we don't really need to rely on the feed I guess.

@bhupatiranga @mu @vanihba1993

You can see there local time if you are using Fedilab app

Click on Re order timeline

Click on add button

Choose mastodon instance

Write there domain Qoto.org

and now you can See there timeline 👍


I for one would welcome more indians here. Sadly I think the language barrier discourages them from english instances. Our loss IMO I miss their rich culture from when I used to work in a mostly indian office place.

@bhupatiranga @vaibhavgupta @vanihba1993

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