So I was very confused how to translate moodlenet in Hindi and this is the very same problem. Most of the site use Hinglish instead of Hindi.

It's kind of hard to translate these words.


Home : गृह
follower/friend : अनुयायी/अनुसरक/मित्र
tweet/toot : पत्र/सन्देश
notification : सूचक/सूचना
following : अनुवर्त्ती/अनुवर्तक
replies/comments : टिप्पणियाँ
media : चित्र/चलचित्र

@mu ohh You guys know alot now i have some serious questions over my Hindi 🙄


@inditoot Learning is a never ending process.

I am still not certain if my Hindi words for "follower" and "following" are good enough.


One Girl suggested to use word अनुगामी

True, We need to just keep learning 😊

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