Does anyone have definitive information on what is going on in #Kashmir?

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Came across "UN Special Repporteur on freedom of opinion and expression" sharing this #UN report on #Kashmir, and censuring India for cutting off internet services:

Interesting document. Paints a different picture when points on Pakistan's excesses are highlighted.

I cropped the relevant snippets from it. Please read the attached images. (In the pdf, check pg 3, and pg 43),

These hint at how bad things are in #Pakistan's side of #Kashmir.

Hint only, because there is no good way of knowing the actual situation of #HumanRights in #POK.

"..Restrictions on the freedoms of expression, opinion, peaceful assembly and association in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have limited the
ability of observers, including OHCHR, to assess the human rights situation there."

"..Criminalize enforced disappearances in the penal code.."

Yes, you read that right. #UN is admitting that:

  1. in Pakistan's side of Kashmir, the situation is so bad that it can't even observe the #HumanRights situation properly.

  2. Kidnapping #POK civilians is not even criminalized in Paki law!

Just 3 months of #Modi 2.0, and first big step taken:
#Kashmir is now an integral part of India in every meaning of the word.

President has issued a constitutional order to the effect (check attached image) and parliament is discussing it right now.

Let the haters cry #fascism all they want.

The complete story on how brilliantly #Kashmir was managed, and the homework BJP leadership had to do since 2018, explained in one thread on the birdsite.

#Inditoot, this is one thread worth visiting Twitter for.
Do read.

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