@inditoot is there any option to chop/cut the video length, upon uploading

Ashok Lavasa is a 1980 Batch Haryana cadre IAS officer who entered the Centre in April 2009 as a Joint Secretary in Home Ministry during P Chidambaram’s tenure.


A KG is now defined by the relationship between energy & mass.

4 common Ppl.. it will be still "1 Kg kodi/dedho"😎


hope that in next 1 month we will get to c babus appointed by leftists, secular, congis are kicked out.

@TrueIndology @dimpleatra

Fact-free Fearmongering: The Atlantic Monthly's Attack on a Beloved Indian Children's Comic Series


With INCs pathetic performance in GE, will Mayawati still back Kamal Nath gov. Get assembly dissolved. Seek mandate in next 6 months.

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