Modi govt has done zero work. Did scam. Controls cbi, nsa, it, ec, sc, rbi, army, news, social media to control propaganda. He even bribed foreign ministers to say good things about him.


People noticed visible good work and support Modi.

Which one to choose? Just apply Occum's Razor's theory!

Modi govt has hacked millions of EVMs and EC is under their control by bribe. Modi govt also paid all news channels, ALL, to show exit polls that justify the hacks for win.


People voted BJP

Which one to choose? Just apply Occum's Razor's theory!

It needs to be pointed out to people that Left considers:

Speculations, opinions, contextual statistics from Right as "Fake news".

But the exact same things from their side as "facts".

Give people reasons to think against them. It is important that Left loses credibility.

Not many people know but in US, theres an org called sleeping giants, they go after businesses who cater to RW and strong arm them to disassociate themselves attacking the pockets of RW. We gotta do this here to the LW. @inditoot thoughts on doability given you know way around these things?

I guess we all know what to do? Discourage everyone from buying the Time magazine, avoid the site, let them feel it in their pockets.

A must see video. We have to start media satyagraha.

Dont watch their stuff. Dont pay them. Make it expensive for them. Attack their pockets. Make them starve.

On youtube, dislike, report, and yeah remove from suggestions. Also, use ad blocker when see their videos.

Attack their pockets: Hide all facebook wire, print, ndtv pages. This increases their marketing costs (facebook will charge them more if they can show it to less people). Twitter doesnt earn from ads well, so thats ok. contd.

This is Vismaya. Her father Santosh ji was a daily wage labourer and a RSS/BJP worker. 3 years ago he was murdered by communist terrorists. This year she has secured A+ in every subject in 10th class. She is the answer to those who use poverty, injustice, etc to justify those joining terrorism

They are coming. The silicon valley's leftists are doubling down on silencing non-Left voices. It's big in US. It's slowly coming to India too.

Watch "Facebook's Conservative PURGE Coordinated With Media Outlets, PJW, Loomer Banned" on YouTube

We need to make a list of people who need to be reminded and haunted from to time about what they said about hinduism:

1. Urmila Matondkar
2. Digvijay Singh
3. Sitaram Yechury

These people should not be left alone. In every interview they give, they need to be reminded what they said.

West 🇺🇸​ has a guilt of marginalizing middle eastern Muslim nations. Thus the rise of Left politics in their country. Sure. But they want to impose that guilt on everyone as damage control.


If anything, things have been the other way around here.

“Why was I blocked by Twitter?” - TrueIndology narrates his painful tale

Twisted convoluted conspiracy theories are crafted in the Muslim world to blame anyone but Muslims of terrorist attacks

Reason? Apparently a muslim belief that "bad deed is devil's work" and thus allows for excuses to blame a certain 'devil' instead of looking in the mirror

A human connection is more powerful than a digital one

While we are on social media expressing ourselves, it is important we physically have conversations with our family, friends, colleagues etc

Argue on individual points. Dont talk overall agenda, you will lose a potential convert there

Woman card today is weaker than Muslim card

Whether you like it or not, feminism is a just movement, and will continue to stay and grow. Instead of rejecting it, try to get them on our side, and help channel their energy to weaken the Muslim card. This will dismantle the Left very well.

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