@prateik Another reason i should start instant messenger 😃

Yes please... 😉
I heard Riot/Matrix fixed their flaw or something so maybe you can host

@prateik Well Riot is not easy as whatsapp, there is Kontalk which is very easy and almost similar to Whatsapp based on XMPP.

Still thinking which one to choose

Wire IM is must cooler & secure.

Those, federation is W.I.P

@inditoot @prateik

@noor @inditoot

Wire is cool been using it for almost year, doesnt need phone number but the main problem is to try to people move on Wire. same goes for Signal.

@prateik @noor something like kontalk can help i guess just install it on there phones and create an accunt for them😂😂

Let me share something like.

guess, in 2014, we had family gathering like for a week.

I was using Telegram for that time. So I start off with installing Telegram on almost many family members phone.

We had like group chat, "Happy family", other group chat in Telegram

At the beginning, some of family members complaint that not many are available on Telegram,

For a year more, things were going well with Telegram, but I don't remember why all of them using WhatsApp group nowadays.

@inditoot @prateik

@noor @inditoot
Right!? i still dont understand why people like using WhatsApp/fb/twitter/google they do read and watch news about privacy stuff goes with these companies and they still use them.

@noor @inditoot
if u ask them if they dont care about privacy/security/tracking, their answer is they dont have anything to hide and dont care.


for this, I did
"I did little trick and competely annouced that WhatsApp had been hacked and stealing alot of things, don't know what will happened to their devices."


@prateik @inditoot
It's like trend, most people are follow what others doing it.

So, we keep making awareness to them.

Recently, there is privacy campaign starting to make awareness of such issue.

Please take a look at this matrix room for now.

I am also in the room.

Vibhi, please join me there too

CC @praveen

@prateik @inditoot
A tip!

in case, you are signing up for Matrix account,

Please consider https://poddery.com Matrix/XMPP service.

It's India based and has been existing for years.


@prateik @inditoot @praveen
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