#SSD 120 gb good or 240 gb is better #option ?

This sounds silly. Let me explain.

1) there is price different

2) since ssd used for #OS rather than #data storage, I can't see clear choice to here.

3) maybe these days, 120 gb #ssd consider too low for #storage ?

Your words on this ?

I yet to buy ssd

Well 240gb is always better than 120
You can gain advantage of speed with some applications/programs and games on ssd(not jus OS). Also buy Samsung. it has good read/write speed and base model has 5 years of warranty (if I’m not mistaken)

This is informative.

I check Samsung Evo SSD price first.

If I am not wrong, 120 gb is not more than enough for os & app ?


Evo is around 3.5-4 K I think.
120gb is good but if you are planing to dual boot or more and gaming I’ll suggest 240gb


Honetly, I've not pay attention to Samsung Evo series.

How come it is better than other SSD ?



I did not compare Samsung with others but generally they offer slightly more read/write speed and not to mention 5 years warranty for evo and 10 years for pro series. Been using evo for years now for my old workstation and I’m really happy with it. Ohh friend has Kingston (don’t know model) ssd around 2.6K but it’s slower than Evo

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