#SSD 120 gb good or 240 gb is better #option ?

This sounds silly. Let me explain.

1) there is price different

2) since ssd used for #OS rather than #data storage, I can't see clear choice to here.

3) maybe these days, 120 gb #ssd consider too low for #storage ?

Your words on this ?

I yet to buy ssd

Well 240gb is always better than 120
You can gain advantage of speed with some applications/programs and games on ssd(not jus OS). Also buy Samsung. it has good read/write speed and base model has 5 years of warranty (if I’m not mistaken)

This is informative.

I check Samsung Evo SSD price first.

If I am not wrong, 120 gb is not more than enough for os & app ?


Evo is around 3.5-4 K I think.
120gb is good but if you are planing to dual boot or more and gaming I’ll suggest 240gb

Your #suggestion is logic for #gaming!

Allow me to tell my #filesystem. #GPT

10 partition, 1 TB #HDD

I've around 4 - 50 gb partition for #Debian #Buster, #Stretch, #Manjora, #Fedora

Though, I use Debian mainly and boot Buster for some app, I've messed up core OS with buster

Manjora serves as back up, in case.

In my case, 50 gb for os & app enough so far.

But not sure 120 or 240 ssd...



Still think you should buy 240gb.
Also there is a thing with SSD called “Overprovision” where you left some of your ssd raw space reserve for better speed and ssd’s life

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