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According to CNBC, Google recorded the purchases of Gmail users through receipts sent by email.

That’s why we think you personal data shouldn’t be collected.

Join the movement!


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Good News! Indian State Saves Over $400 Million by Choosing Linux | It's FOSS

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PSA: WhatsApp hacked/exploited, new vulnerability that install spyware with miss call. Update your app or better use Signal or Wire more secure and respect user privacy.

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A vulnerability in WhatsApp allowed attackers to inject commercial spyware, developed by NSO Group, on to phones.

The spyware could be transmitted through a call, even if the call was unanswered.

It is unclear how many phones were targeted.

Another reason not to use closed and centralized social sites & big tech companies.
Great explanation of Shadow Profile by Tim Pool.

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If all your Firefox plugins just got disabled, don't freak out. It's a known issue and Mozilla has a fix they're rolling out. tweeted by @LubuntuOfficial

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We have some exciting news! The team at Purism are thrilled to announce the launch of Librem One Private and secure email, chat, social and VPN. No ads! No tracking! No data sharing! Just the best end-to-end encrypted communication and social. Join the revolution today and take back control of your data and life #LibremOne

you will find tons of alternative services here which are really good and privacy friendly. @inditoot

Hi all,
Just join @inditoot.
Sick of all data harvesting and always tracking social networks, biased media/social media like facebook and twitter.
Advocate of Linux and FOSS, Privacy enthusiast.
Namaste 🙏

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