They said #Aadhaar can never be used to harm people. Then we had denial of jobs, pension, ration, education, voting rights and now it's the turn of citizenship. Your Aadhaar doesn't guarantee you anything, but is being used to track you and deny you rights

How Extreme Student Protests Launched Narendra Modi's Career

The BJP is maligning student protestors at Jamia Milia and across the country. Yet the PM's website describes his own political origins in a far more disruptive student movement.

Via~ @thewire

#politics #JPMovement #sampoornakranti #studentsprotest #emergency #indiragandhi #NavnirmanMovement #narendramodi #JamiaProtests #india

यह तानाशाही नहीं सहेंगे! हम लेके रहेंगे आज़ादी।

Four Kashmiri students were beaten up at Rajasthan's Mewar University. One of the four students was severely injured.

The director of admissions at the university said "it was nothing serious and the matter is now settled." | @Astute_Shruti …

#India #Kashmir #Rajasthan

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EC EVM Votes Count Mismatch: ADR files petition in SC demanding order directing Election Commission to collate accurate data before the declaration of final result of any election

Show Some Backbone': Retired SC Judge Urges New CJI to Restore Top Court's Credibility

Justice Lokur asked if Indian citizens can continue to have any confidence and trust in a judiciary that 'tends to bend, but not yet crawl?'

Very strong words!

Here's what the Indian government considers normal: no internet, "only 609 people" in jail (including elected representatives) and unverifiable claims of no civilian deaths due to unrest. #Kashmir

Electoral Bonds Are Traceable: Documents Nail Govt Lie On Anonymity

Documents reviewed by HuffPost India, proves that electoral bonds don’t really provide a donor with anonymity from the government of the day.

@[email protected] explosive scoop continues!

Thinking of 'Educational Decree Number Twenty-Seven'. Banning a book and the frightening harassment that has followed for the publisher, writer and illustrator is not acceptable and is extremely horrifying and distressing.

Indian citizens can now feel completely secure - a terror accused undertrial has been nominated to Parliamentary panel on defence !!

India, as a nation, has regressed beyond repair !

It is important to understand #RTI is critical to do investigative journalism like these. With Digital India most files are being scanned and stored in e-office. All you have to do is file an RTI which is less than 280 characters and ask for digital copies.

So zero tolerance on terror is to make a terrorist aware of sensitive defence information?

We don't need dystopias in Indian fiction. We have the daily news. #India

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