It is time we talk about and expose the intentions and methods of Christian Missionaries who convert Indians on the pretext of money, lies and fraudery.

Help spread the message.

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I want to know what can be done to stop the Hindu bashing in our country. There is clear bias against Hindus as our media turns a blind eye to crimes committed by the PEACEFUL community.


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Netaji Bose used Hindustani language that cut across soldiers from all parts of the country.

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Tagore's opinion of Hindi as a medium for every Indian to communicate.

"Hindi is the only common language possible."

IMO, every language should grow hand-in-hand. Let all signboards speak 3 languages, let every child read his mother tongue first.

Cherish the abundance!

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Liberals know better than Army Chief so let's call him a Bhakt!

Tamilians during IPL: Whistle podu! Dhoni anna rocks..!!

Tamilians after election results: We hate North Indians 🤔🤔

Waah TN waah!

Call it excitement or anxiety - but some of us haven't been able to sleep - really need to ward off the Congress.

Need good governance over Dynasty politics.

Months ago - a self-proclaimed hacker claimed that EVM was hacked. But he gave ZERO proofs!

Exactly what opposition is doing right now. Baseless claims and accusations instead of self-introspection will only weaken their future.

My video on EVM hacking & doubts around it.

Vivek Oberoi shared a meme on himself, Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai; and is being mercilessly targeted!

His fault? Shared a meme or that he supports Modi?

Trolling him for just sharing a meme is not fair but IMO meme was not that funny either. 😆​

Good reply to Sonam tho!

Another video - clearer than ever - who is chasing out whom, where is announcement coming from - what is police doing - all questions clearly answered.

Bengal Hindu exodus - a repeat of Kashmir?

Mosques announcing Hindus shd leave their homes!

When will intellectuals wake up?

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Haven't we always wondered what the rest of India was doing when Kashmiri Pandits were massacred & thrown out of their homes?

What are you doing now - when Hindu homes are burnt and they are killed?

Blind to the suffering of our won people, coming to each one of us soon!!


Kashmir erupts after 3-year-old raped in school bathroom.

Read complete story here:

Thank you Supreme Court!
Better sense has prevailed.

That been said, no cartoonist should be banned. Let's enjoy the humour in cartoons (though sometimes distasteful) in this politically tensed times!

Also, Didi - Jai Shree Ram!

How many of us know about the Queen who kicked invader Md Ghori's ass?

Naiki Devi - the Queen whose story we ought to know and derive inspiration from!

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Learn about her story:

Hello everyone!

I make videos to expose lies spread by the so-called intellectuals around us.
My latest video:

Let me know your views.


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