Hello everyone!

I make videos to expose lies spread by the so-called intellectuals around us.
My latest video:

Let me know your views.


@TheSecularOne @inditoot @mysuroo


Thank you!

Is the platform similar to twitter? How many users on it?

@rakhtopines It is much better than twitter. Current it has over 2 million users, On this instance however @inditoot knows.

@akarshanbiswas @inditoot

I see. Looks great!

Is it ok if I share some of my findings here (which I usually share on youtube through videos)?

I was requested by one of my subscribers to join the platform to share my videos.

@rakhtopines @akarshanbiswas

Yeah Share anything you want 🤗 Enlighten us with your knowledge

@inditoot @akarshanbiswas

I would like to share my work and others' that I find interesting.

Let's start with SS Vaitarna - the largest ship India had before independence that sadly met a fatal end.

Your views are always welcomed!


@rakhtopines @inditoot I will be looking forward to it. :) You can share anything.

@akarshanbiswas @rakhtopines

Add about notification and its setting also mention about apps 🤔

@rakhtopines @TheSecularOne @inditoot @mysuroo
it's their kindness that they included at least 4 points where Modi wins otherwise they would include cycle sales too. and rathee is well earning berojgar like kanhaiya 😂

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