It is time we talk about and expose the intentions and methods of Christian Missionaries who convert Indians on the pretext of money, lies and fraudery.

Help spread the message.

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@rakhtopines @inditoot @ramraja @Amrit @MnurBhaBa @hindujedi @akarshanbiswas

Everyone wants money and they give that to them who has been targeted as unstable in their life. if we think positively they are planning to destroying a strongest culture just by helping many of us.

Not an easy task to push them back. But helping people financially with an easy work is hard to do for us.

Our culture is not to buy people at any cost, but they do everything just for buying people.

Think about FANG.

They r spreading like Bacteria.
1. Anti-conversion law
2. Seize the money which comes from outside,through NGOs

@rakhtopines @inditoot @ramraja @Amrit @hindujedi @akarshanbiswas @dru4

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