This is the problem with kattar hindu or whatever u want call them.

There are not communist. They call themselves dravidar. It means race of south india.

Communists are minority here.

What they believe Hindu religious originated from North Indian and it's not their religious.

They also claim no religious originated from south India.

What is funny to me is that many of dravidar still practice Hindus customs.

One very strong reason Tamil people against Hindu is because caste system which divide people.

Caste system is still deeply rooted here despite.

@ramparmar @inditoot
Dravidars reject Hindu but oppose people who support it.

As matter of fact, draviders are not opposing against Islam, Christianity.

I understand your point as a free mind group how to oppose one particular religion.

Reason, caste system separate people (core reason)

@ramparmar @inditoot
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