We have long way to go.... there r still so many seculars

@ramparmar 😛😛😛 the upcoming breed of Indians seem most foolish & useless when it comes to dharmic values

@ramparmar Wow New Generation doesn't have Brain, They want people who support and Justify terrorism.

@inditoot @ramparmar Problem is bad parenting. If parents themselves are foolish n ignorant about Dharma & have no respext for own culture, imagine the kind of clowns that they'll produce

@ramparmar real chomus! There are lot of people who doesn't know a shit about our culture! There's lot more than these tiktok videos.

@ramparmar the problem is we do not talk about our dharma at home. We ourself belittle our culture and traditions. How many parent do talk about their festivals and stories relating to them during dinner time. Even when we go to temple (if at all), all we talk about other people not about oneself.

@yamujala if we just watch ramayan and mahabharat with family half of work is done. And just need to make sure answer every dharma related question of kids.

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