"For the first time, India is being governed by Indians [Modi], after a long time of Mughal, British & Italian rule" -- Kangana Ranaut

Unfortunately, we have these Jaichands who are Leeches, living in Bharat, but sucking the life out of it. As Kangana said in Manikarnika, “Oh Mother India,
how do I protect you when your own children are traitors?”

Cicero’s ‘Two Thousand Year Old Warning’ About Treason

Aneesh Gokhale (@authorAneesh):

Bolo Jai Shree Ram. 😊😊😊

Bill to prevent religious conversion likely to be introduced in next Parliament session:


Bob Blackman @BobBlackman:

My letter to @BorisJohnson regarding the excellent decision by @narendramodi & the to revoke to allow citizens of to enjoy the benefits of being part of

UK PM Boris Johnson refuses to apologize for calling Burqa clad women “Letter box” and “Bank robbers”


Rajiv Malhotra:

Though @CNN mentions that ancient statues have noses cut off to"desecrate the idols", it cannot openly name the Abrahamic religions as culprits.
I found most Hindu murtis in ancient Indonesian temples smashed, but the guide openly blamed Muslims.


Subhash Kak (@subhashkak1):

The Evolution of Early Writing in India

Writing evolved through different phases as the Indus-valley civilization matured and spread.

by Subhash Kak


rightlog.in (@rightlog_in):

‘Cash on Delivery’ Model”

Indian Army launches cash on delivery scheme; Every Kashmiri that informs on a terrorist will get cash reward.


Journalist who likened Dalits to animals now compares Indian Army chief General Bipin Rawat to General Dyer, deletes tweet

Freelance journalist Prashant Kanojia, who was once associated with the ultra-left wing propaganda site ‘The Wire’.


Vibhor Anand 🇮🇳 (@vibhor_anand):

Day after Kashmiri Pandit activist exposed NDTV, his Twitter account suspended for ‘violating Twitter rules’...


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