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i know that many of those fluent in English want to keep English as medium of instruction.
but i am convinced it harms India. my write up

Quora bans Deepak Mehta. The only reason seems to be his politically incorrect attitude and starting a space to debunk the theory of 'Hindu Terror'.

Guess what? Twitter isn't the only liberal extremist social network. Quora is a close competitor with a firm belief in curbing the opposition.

In chapter 11 of the Gita, Shri Krishna agrees to show Arjuna his cosmic form, i.e. the *vishwaroopam*.

As many have reasoned, this acts as proof of Shri Krishna's divine nature and deterrants for future mere-humans posing as Gods.


नमो नमः | वंदे मातरम् ||

Vaishakh Shukla Saptami,

S - 07/02/7580

Grishma Ritu

Reject Christian CE Calendar.

Please BOOST & spread the word 🙏

I'm reposting the images of Mitrokhin Archive that @chetankadam had posted in an organised manner. Everyone please read this. Original posts can be found on his TL.

Missionaries are Income Tax exempt in India? Wow! Are we an anti-Hindu nation?

I challenge Amazon to sell toilet seats with Mecca and Quran verses printed on them. Also urinals with images of Mecca. Amazon, have you got the guts? Show it.

@akarshanbiswas @chalat @mysuroo

I dont care they use mine or not. they should be here on fediverse, think about this will basically give a boost and people will see beauty of open source.

They should get a instance on 🤔

Political correctness is tyranny with manners. - Charlton Heston #famous #quotes

Watchman says his wife will come later.
I say “no hurry.”
Then to improve my Hindi, I ask what means ‘hurry’ in Hindi?
He says “Hari toh Bhagawan ka nam hai.”
I say, no I mean English hurry, matlab kuch jaldi karna.
Watchman: yeh Hari ka kam nahin hai. Kuch jaldi karna shaitan ka kam hai

very wise

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