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The Government must register a strong protest to this shamefull act of the parliament to meddle in India's internal affairs. Post that, it must not engage on this matter and thus deny any validity to their anti-India propoganda! @[email protected]

गणतंत्र दिवस की शुभकामनाएं :) भाईयों व भगिनीओ

कश्मीर आव्रजन दिवस पर नमन
१९जनवरी, १९८९

So now the High Court of Delhi has told Delhi Police to try and remove the protestors from Shaheen Bagh. Last time something like this happened in Delhi Congress was in power. Within days the protestors were forcibly removed with scores injured & atleast one old lady losing her life & the only thing Congress supporters could remember was Ramdev trying to run away in women's clothes. How things change!

i know that many of those fluent in English want to keep English as medium of instruction.
but i am convinced it harms India. my write up

Quora bans Deepak Mehta. The only reason seems to be his politically incorrect attitude and starting a space to debunk the theory of 'Hindu Terror'.

Guess what? Twitter isn't the only liberal extremist social network. Quora is a close competitor with a firm belief in curbing the opposition.

In chapter 11 of the Gita, Shri Krishna agrees to show Arjuna his cosmic form, i.e. the *vishwaroopam*.

As many have reasoned, this acts as proof of Shri Krishna's divine nature and deterrants for future mere-humans posing as Gods.


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