Both Burqa and Niqab should be banned. It allows so many criminals to roam undetected.

This ticket was released in 1982, when 9th Asian Games were being held in India. Can you see a fair-skinned Muslim wrestler thrashing a black-skinned Brahmin wrestler, with lungi, dhoti, goatee and choti? Indira Gandhi was in power then!
src: Quora Hindi.

Sharing an old article written by TrueIndology after her handle was banned by Twitter India.

‘True Indology’ Responds 

Owner of Twitter handle, @TrueIndology, responds to allegations made in a national daily and on web

सुलगते कश्मीर को दहकाने जायेंगी मोहतरमा बेगम साहिबा!! हद है!

‘Send Me To Kashmir, I Will Stay There For Few Months To Try And Solve The Problem’: Mamata Offers To Mediate

Mamata has offered to mediate to try and solve the Kashmir issue

And it's called "The Hindu".. why not "The Muslim" or "The Commie"?
Credit: /r/bakchodi

Victory For Tata: Beijing Court Rules Chinese Automaker Jiangling Motor Copied Features Of JLR Evoque

JLR stated that this judgement of the Chinese judiciary suggests that China is taking copyright claims seriously.

१७८० में श्रद्धेय अहिल्याबाई होलकर द्वारा निर्मित काशी विश्वनाथ मंदिर। १५.५ मीटर ऊंचे इस मंदिर में तीन सोने के गुंबद हैं। 🙏🏽

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