If India attacks today, all those who are asking “Why is Modi silent” will sit on Dharna at Jantar Mantar from tomorrow morning.

So pray for the Jawans 🇮🇳, and watch these bigoted Snakes carefully. 🙏

Dr Gaurav Pradhan joined here? 😀😜

Guys, please apply your Twitter profile PHOTO in IndiToot profile, so others can easily identity that-known-face of Twitter.

Dhanyawad 🙏

आज सरकार ने Twitter वालो को पेल दिया। ये इंडिया है, नया इंडिया।

Holy Krishna, so this works as a Progressive Web App on Android. Pretty awesome.

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A small and a simple tribute,
To the adventurous Inditoot!
It's responsive, fast,
The UI is smart!
And the mastodon is very cute! 🐘

Made In India Social Network!
Har Har Mahadev.

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