A week after the disastrous budget, the finmin is talking crap about not carrying a suitcase. Bunch of juvenile idiots. Disgusting.

@sidk She is supposed to be an economist isnt it ?

@Amrit What is an economist? Economy is not a science, art or practice. She is supposed to be a rubber stamp and she is doing a good job of it.

@sidk Ya I agree but Modi bhakts saying trust NaMo. I am really amused at their foolishness or ignorance watever it is.

@Amrit's a natural defense mechanism called denial....kind of chemical locha in brain...

@sidk True :yay: I'm thinking whom to vote for in assembly elections. All are corrupt all are gold diggers. All are dharma destroyers & anti dharmic supporters :Angryearth:

@sidk Dont assume Modi is lesser evil. He is a power hungry politician now. Hindutva n all doesnt matters for him.

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