Has anybody seen the movie The Tashkent Files

@vaibhavgupta @chetankadam vaibhav please try to approach indiccollective, vivek and pallavi on twitter with a suitable suggestion.

It's good to see you back @inditoot . That elephant banging his head didn't look good. So many desi networks have tried to swim but went down in recent years that I feared you have followed suit.

Glad to heart toots again.

नमो नमः | वंदे मातरम् ||



Chaitra Krishna Dwitiya,


K - 02/01/7580

Grishma Ritu

Reject Christian CE Calendar.

Please Boost & spread the word 🙏

Guys, I have tweeted a thread introducing my followers to IndiToot. Request you to spread the message.


Despite claims of its supporters of standing up for equality and justice, communist politics has always been associated with violence, repression, authoritarianism and intolerance of dissidence. However, there is a tendency to romanticize and justify communist excesses as a deviation rather than its characteristic. Such exercises are generally supported by popular culture in movies, television and books. As also by politically motivated left-liberal academics. Here is my attempt to counter that propaganda.

What is Communism?


The भारतीय vision of the universal truth is embedded in everything- art, architecture, poetry or music

And Samskritam is the matrix + life force driving this breath-taking universal vision

पठतु संस्कृतम्। लिखतु संस्कृतम्। वदतु संस्कृतम्। जयतु भारतम्


I have asked for the support on Reddit. Many of them are saying they will join in here and many have joined. Wait it's not the time to shut @inditoot . See my profile pic that says: A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.


Stray violence and aggression of Hindus is due to frustration among Hindus that no government is working towards Hindu rights, well being, protection and basic rights to worship.

Apathy ignorance and hypocrisy of leaders is forcing an existential war on Hindus

Shree Sushant Sareen on Twitter -

The only man who really, truly deserved the Ashok Chakra for 26/11 was Tukaram Omble. The honour is given for displaying extraordinary courage, not for getting killed without even firing a shot.

Everyone will have to repay for their sins who tortured honest people to establish a vicious Hindu terror theory.

A Sadhvi doesn't need to give a curse, your Congress' karma is toxic enough to consume them


BTW: this Philological reasoning is funny if translated in REVERSE

A) Queen : Good Day, your highness!

महाराज्ञी -शुभदिनं, तव उच्चत्वम्। 😀

B) He is a cool cat 😎

स: एक: शीतल: बिडाल: अस्ति।

If this sounds ridiculous...you get a sense of what may be lost in translation!!

So, what is the moral of the story ?

There is no subsitute to reading our foundational texts in the original Samskritam

Learning Samskritam is easy...takes just 6 months to take off.

Get on the Samskritam bandwagon folks!

जयतु संस्कृतम्। जयतु भारतम्।


Shree Hemant Karkare didn't die die to साध्वी का शाप but due to कॉंग्रेस के पाप

While we are nobody to evaluate his हौतात्म्य, the question as to who coarsed him to establish non existent Hindu terror than to maintain his focus on Pakistan borne terror, or actually defocused him

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