For the past few days, the number of coffins that have reached homes brought tears to the nation's eyes. But the brave Veer Naris! Military wives are a different breed, strong as steel. God chooses the toughest ladies and pairs them with soldiers 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Po Nagar is a Cham temple dated sometime before 781CE located near modern Nha Trang in Vietnam. It is dedicated to Yan Po Nagar, the goddess who came to be identified with the Hindu goddesses Bhagavati and Mahishasuramardini & who in Vietnamese is called Thiên Y Thánh Mâu

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राहुल: कश्चन निष्कर्मी (?) युवक:।
प्राय: पञ्चाशत्तमवयसि परन्तु इदानींपर्यन्तं तेन कोऽपि उद्योग: न कृत:।स: शुनकान् श्रुत्वा चिन्तामग्न: अभवत्.....



Kids learn a language by speaking – so can you!

Sanskrit Sansthan has 120+ videos that teach you by an easy “action method” and help you move from speaking simple to complex Samskritam sentences

Lesson 1:


Speaking method has many advantages – a natural learning style that is NOT via learning grammar first

You glide in smoothly and start understanding its rhythms and nuances

This is very effective and many people swear by this– you may soon be one of them!


My Startup Samskritam tweet chain is pinned to my Twitter profile

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भारत के वीर स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों को शत् शत् नमन

Vande Mataram...


Margashirsh Shukla Ekadashi (up to 07:35 Hrs)



Hemant Ritu

Reject the Christian CE Calendar.

Please RT & spread the word 🙏

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