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I'm tired of seeing crap about Gab in my timelines so I'm muting the word.

For those that don't know how, it's Settings > Filters and you can hide toots with specific words or phrases from all of your timelines, notifications, and conversations.

@inditoot I am trying to test it but nothing happens

Maybe something is wrong with the code

@inditoot Do we really got markdown support in toots?


Foundation (@i_ambuddha):

Clouds of fake narratives, were building strong on the dignity of India, pointing loop-holes, from heart of the most colossal democracy. Watch EP 26

हरी अनंत हरी कथा अनंता
कहहि सुनहि बहुविधि सब संता

God is endless and his messages are unlimited.
Believers shares and get it with their own way.
if you don't believe an argument that others do and force you to believe it their way, but you understand it better in your own way, it means you are a believer of The God. 😇
no certificate required from anyone.
The #Geeta
Shrimad Bhagwat Katha
Jai Shri Krishna

Wow 😮 Impressive 👍
#Google :google: has been improved a lot.

It suggested me the right word 'बहुविधि' to replace "बहु विधि"

life isn't perfect until we accept "we get what we give."

who destroyed orgasms of nearly 70% women in India ❓

➖ Subtract

➕ Add

✖️ Multiply

➗ Nehru

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