#HubbleFriday Believe it or not, this long, luminous streak is a spiral galaxy like our Milky Way. But how could that be? It turns out that we see this galaxy, named NGC 3432, oriented directly edge-on to us from our vantage point here on Earth: …

Intolerance is on a rise, not by the majority communities. the culprits are Gold Card members of Victim-hood card

Meanwhile on Twitter, People exposing hypocrite Priyanka Chopra 😂😂

Al Jazzera's documentary on Shabrimala,

It's funny how a Channel from a Regressive part of the world is lecturing us about Equality ...
# They conveniently forgot Transgenders were allowed to perform Puja in Shabrimala



Another one of those days where its just senseless violence

'I don't have words': Boss of torched Japan animation studio mourns
bright, young staff toi.in/5ARgfY/a24gk via @timesofindia

Top Norwegian politician says on Facebook that Norway should give Tommy Robinson asylum, Facebook removes post Facebook and the other social media giants are increasingly dangerous enemies of freedom. If they aren't broken up, the freedom of speech, and free societies, will not survive. "Facebook removes Norwegian top politician’s post about Tommy Robinson," Voice of Europe, July 18, 2019: “It’s deeply, deeply problematic”, says Per-Willy Amundsen, former Justice Minister


वो सीता माँ विराज रही बड़े विशाला धाम में,
हम अभागे राम विराजे राम मंदिर के नाम में

What is the most talked about subject in here today ?

#HubbleClassic 25 years ago this week, fragments of the broken-up Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 slammed into #Jupiter. Hubble watched the strikes, revealing giant plumes and dark impact scars as they appeared on the battered planet: go.nasa.gov/2JC3ZRp

A Liberal Friend : Ky a farak hai BJP ke aur Congress ke Manifesto main ?
Me : Wohi farak jo indono main hai

Well Well , this is interesting, something fishy is going on there has to be collaboration with internal and third party actors to pull of this hit


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