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"Seven mis-guided local youths arrested in Sri Lanka for bombings". Interpretation of presstitude Indian Media.

नमो नमः | वंदे मातरम् ||



Chaitra Krishna Pratipada,


K - 01/01/7580

Vasant Ritu

Reject Christian CE Calendar.

Please Boost & spread the word 🙏

!Reading through BVP debates led by @MisraNityanand on English translations of Ramayana, am so glad to find पण्डिता: who dislike the usage “bull among sages” both on aesthetic & grammatical grounds👍🏼

I’ve always loathed it!

Once elected dictator, I promise to ban it in a jiffy💪🏽

Pudur Post Polls does the Largest poll survey among 4,26,534 Indians

The final results:

@BJP4India + NDA >> 306 + 82 = 388

@INCIndia + UPA + others >> 37 + 43 + 77 = 157

This gives @narendramodi a second term as @PMOIndia & @RahulGandhi in opposition

Via : @PPPollsAi

As the anniversary of is close, this vid gets even more glaring. This vid claims that the British Empire cared about freedom and governed colonies with the "lightest possible hand". I talk about why that claim is bull

-Shambhav Sharma

कांग्रेस की नीचता को हर भारतवासी को बताए,कैसे तीस्ता सीतलवाड़,कपिल सिब्बल और सोनिया ने चौथी कक्षा के बच्चों के दिमाक में हिन्दुओं को आतंकवादी और क्रूर दिखाने की घिनौनी हरकत की है।

Want to feel a Pakistani Hindu? Listen to this rap. Use captions.

इतना सन्नाटा क्यों है भाई!! आप सबको पप्पू दिवस की शुभकामनाएं😂😂

PM modi going to aannounce Something

I am Hoping - Bhaiyo aur Bheno Pakistan Nhi rha 😜🤣🤣

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