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@jayant 1. This is an attempt to UNITE all Hindus & all Hindus know .
2. Other Samvats mentioned by you are followed in limited geographical areas or cultures. Some are not dated accurately & rely on "belief".


@vaibhavgupta @mariawirth This is the condition of Hindi today. Sanskrit words out. Urdu Arabic Turkish in
Frustrated Indians put it in the most apt way

@vaibhavgupta unfortunately they don't. they don't know the difference between Engl medium and learning English. it needs officials to excplain. they think their kids have equal opportunities by going to these schools.and don't realise what they get their kids into.

@vaibhavgupta this is what socialism has done to Kerala too.. and the fucking commie followers won't see past their ecosystem.

Tusky on Light Theme is just amazing 😘

@vaibhavgupta this is exactly what I have been saying for past few years. Violence is not solution. Nor is cowardice or platitude to violence. Hit back with ten times the force and they will learn

Read the stories of people, its heart wrenching. Hindu need to learn to stand for each other if muslim attack, dont just stand there and make video, hit them back hard. 😡

Sharing this Thread, Simply show a pattern how muslim used to attack Hindu. Media dont give any attention to these crimes so one never know.

Police fear them, its time for hindus to stop there greed for money and fight for Dharma.

New Panauti by the name Su(a)ra Phaskar has replaced old Panauti Burkha Phat as She campaigned for Raghav Chadha, Marlena, Diggi n Tukde Tukde Kumar, all of them have lost. 😂😂😂😂

Arnab Goswami, accidentally referred to Sunny Deol, as Sunny Leone 😂😂 and mankind taking it to another level.

Venezuela’s Collapse Is the Worst Outside of War in Decades, Economists Say

This is what socialism does to your country.
Destroy it like a cancer.

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