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मौत अंत है नहीं, तो मौत से भी क्यों डरें
ये जा के आसमान में दहाड़ दो !!

Death is not the end, so why fear even death? So, go roar into the skies!!

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Every few months there is a piece of music that captures my mind and soul. These happen to be Indian or Western classical compositions.

Right now, this is the one I've been captivated by. That we cannot compose such now, indicates how we've lost touch with our gods.

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Thread. On the "Emotion of Awe* in the Bhagavad Gita and it's capability to affect the reader.

Based on certain ideas I got from Haidt's "Righteous Mind". 0/n

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Some must-read books for those needing understanding of Indian civilizational paradigm and human nature in general.

Pic 1 by TrueIndology, Pic 2 by another user with impeccable insight in history.

Spengler's Decline of the West is highly recommended since it's the equivalent of 10 other books.

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1/n After the battle of Mahabharata, and as Yudhisthira contemplates the losses and whether to ascend the throne or not, Maharishi Vyasa recounts the following story of rajarshi Hayagriva.

Vikas without core will burn.

Army being secular is bad, it needs to be Hindu.

Courts are not our friends, going to court to obtain sanction for Hindu traditions is stupid.

Govt has no business running temples.

Things i said on Twitter and rayta got their panties in twist.

They are 'reward' for sticking to their aasmani kitab prescribed duties and a reaffirmation of their manifest destiny. Many raytas miss this because they assume 'they' think like us, so scholarships and development will win them over. What happens is exact opposite. 3/n

Who compared 19 to Panipat 3 again? Surely whatever Maratha's under Madhava Rao achieved post Panipat loss, they did not start by doing crap like appointing Guha to IISc. Ain't seen a spineless party like BJP who keep promoting pigs who literally spit on their faces.

He is just an attention seeker. Knows nothing about Hinduism nor Hindus. Just knows appeasement. When his movie was banned in gulf countries, the same Hindus who he is targeting now, stood by him. This gratitudeless forgot everything. Ignore this mad fellow.

मौत अंत है नहीं, तो मौत से भी क्यों डरें
ये जा के आसमान में दहाड़ दो !!

Death is not the end, so why fear even death? So, go roar into the skies!!

@inditoot @kansara that is what we should demand rather than ask Modi to join Inditoot which is highly unlikely to happen.

@inditoot @kansara Also govt can start its own instance and have all ministries, PMO etc there. Its so much better for PM's and ministers' data to be on a govt own server than of a foreign corporation controlled by CIA.

In Ancient Bhārata, profound truths about life and the universe were discovered every day.

In Modern India, even the wordly truth gets lynched every day.

966 million cowards. We let our people be raped, molested, beheaded, tortured, burnt, looted and threatened and 900+ million strong Hindus hide with our tails tucked deep into the groove.
What have we become? No pride,no self respect? Shame on us. We need warriors. We need to fight back.

@reshraobhat @vanihba1993
‘India is indeed the home of story-telling. It was from here that Persians learned the art and passed it on to Arabians. From the Middle East, the tales found their way to Constantinople and Venice, and finally appeared in the pages of Boccaccio, Chaucer and La Fontaine.’

The origins are pagan. Apart from Greece and Perisa, many of the stories from The Arabian Nights (and Chaucer's and La Fontaine's stories too) trace themselves back to India. A lot of these stories are present in the Kathāsaritsāgara of Somadeva Bhaṭṭa too.

That's what happens when civilisational nations are reduced to nation-states, deliberately and through great efforts, by manufacturing fake history. Like @vanihba1993 says, the moment you have a 'father' of the nation (instead of sons), you admit there was nothing of value before him.

Who else do you know is described as "मृत्योः मृत्युं ; death of death itself"?

I surrender and bow to Lord Narasimha “who is ferocious and heroic, who is MahaVishnu, radiant and glowing from all sides, who is omnipresent, who is terrific, who is adorable, who bestows auspiciousness and who is the death of death personified."

Narasimha Mantra-Rajam :-

उग्रं वीरं महाविष्णुं ज्वलन्तं सर्वतोमुखं ।

नृसिंहं भीषणं भद्रं मृत्योरमृत्युं नमो नम:॥

Remember when Bhakti is pure, Shri Vishnu himself will descend to protect you from evil that attempts to persecute you.

Have a blessed Narasimha Chaturdashi.

&thus all religions have elements of cooperation&group organization.This is where the 2nd claim is flawed.

A belief held by, a sacred form shared by millions cannot be "personal".

The pt. is that these shared entities are precisely what lead to long-lasting cooperation&asabiya in human tribes.

It is inherent nature of cooperating human tribes and societies to war -- bcz that is what law of natural selection at the level of the group demands.

You can also think of it as Ishwara's way of establishing dharma.

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