There are many who regurgitate following ideas wrt religion :-

1. "All religions are equally good/bad;all teach same thing."

2. "Religion is a personal thing."

Know that they have understood little abt religion.

Regarding the first claim, it results from a myopic view by focusing only on the similarities.

Sure there are elements of truth or similarities, but to deny the aspects where the religions differ and are even in conflict with each other?


As @bhupatiranga had once said, there are various subjective approaxhes to Truth, but these approaches can become sources of conflict themselves.

That is what happens when you integrate closely your approach to truth to all aspects of tribal organization.

It is inherent nature of cooperating human tribes and societies to war -- bcz that is what law of natural selection at the level of the group demands.

You can also think of it as Ishwara's way of establishing dharma.

&thus all religions have elements of cooperation&group organization.This is where the 2nd claim is flawed.

A belief held by, a sacred form shared by millions cannot be "personal".

The pt. is that these shared entities are precisely what lead to long-lasting cooperation&asabiya in human tribes.

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