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दिने जना: तं दुष्ट्वा उद्योगादि विषये पृच्छेयु: इति भयात् स: रात्रौ एव आधिक्येन अटति ! राहुल: आलसप्रिय: अत: मन्दं चलति! वेगेन धावनम् तस्य स्वभावे नास्त्येव ! किन्तु ह्य एव रात्रौ केचन शुनका: तस्य पृष्ठे अधावन् ! स: भयेन प्राणान् रक्षितुम् आक्रोशं कृतवान् ! कोपि सहाय्यार्थं नास्ति इति ज्ञात्वा वेगेन धावनम् आरब्धम् | बहुकाल धावन् मार्गक्रमणेन ते दृष्तिपथात् गता: ! तेन अतिश्रान्त: पिपासाकुल: च अभूत् ! गतरात्रस्य दुर्गतिं स्मृत्वा स: चिन्तामग्न: अभवत् .. ! किन्तु अनतिदूरे ....

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राहुल: कश्चन निष्कर्मी (?) युवक:।
प्राय: पञ्चाशत्तमवयसि परन्तु इदानींपर्यन्तं तेन कोऽपि उद्योग: न कृत:।स: शुनकान् श्रुत्वा चिन्तामग्न: अभवत्.....

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गहना श्यामला रात्रिः। वीथिः निर्जनाः। दूरे केचन शुनकाः बुक्कितवन्तः। 😀

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बहु: दिनत: अयं एक: विचार: अस्ति ! यत् मिलित्वा कथानाम् निर्माणं कुर्म: ! एकैक: किमपि योजयेत येन अभ्यास: भवेत् , मन: अपि रजेत् !

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With Twitter arbitrarily reducing the number of retweets today, I hope they ask Jack what this code is doing inside.


if user in rWing:
rtCount -= whatEver
followCount -= whichEver
user.shadowBan(DAILY, 2002, 2200)

if location['INDIA'].feeling(BORED):

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गुट्रगु प्रणालिः मम भ्रमणध्वनिसञ्चस्या शक्तिं खादति बहु । तस्मात्तदस्थापितम्मया । @yaajushi @saikanomie @patangaha @Pvaal

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You want to learn Samskritam. Dive deeper into Bharatiya culture and Dharma. You are busy.

Can I learn Samskritam?

YES – it is QUICK and it is EASY.

How long will it take?

6 months to become familiar. 1 year to read comfortably and follow conversations.

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How can I do It?

There are multiple paths.

I am going to share 7 different methods that are available to anyone across the world.

Your schedule is tough. You learn differently.

Does NOT matter…

Learn Samskritam When You Want It, Where You Want It!

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नैव क्लिष्टा न च कठिना (neither tough nor difficult)

I am Evidence No 1 !

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Samskrita Bharati runs the most popular structured program in the world and is an excellent option.

It is available in 30+ countries and accessible from anywhere in the world.

You CANNOT go wrong here!

Check out the Samskrita Bharati India & USA websites here



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StartupSamskritam #8

By the end of year 1 you will be able to read, write and understand spoken Samskritam.

By year 2 you will be speaking….

Some of you may be starting to read Ramayana and Bhagavad Gita.

All of you hopefully will be tooting in Samskritam.

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@yaajushi नमोनमः टाइ् गुर्वी। Please guide me away from अविद्या

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One of the best arguments I heard over Sabarimala - If you believe in Ayyappa, you will also believe that he is in a Naishtika Brahmacharya Vrata. The question asked is, what ever the Vrata is, what right have you got to break the Vrata if a person following it?

@cbkwgl hey you! Found you by accident! Who all are here? John? Wally?

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@yaajushi @bintips @Pvaal

Yes copy the link and send it to people you wanted to invite

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Indeed it's fun to toot-toot,
With fellow Indics at Inditoot,
The UI is easy,
It looks quite pleasy, 👍👍
That it'll be popular, is a point moot.
Happy to be on @inditoot.

🙏 🙏

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@inditoot @yaajushi

Yes - there is an expanding bunch of Samskritaanuragis who are leveraging SM to reaffirm the central role of Samskritam within Bharat and make the devabhasha an integral fact of life in our shared future 💪🏽💪🏽

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