India's Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter at the Moon Is Now Tracking Solar Flares

Hay techies, I need your recommendations. I want to develop an chatbot that does not need internet to process. This framework should be self contained. I provide the data hooks for lookup, but and all other stuff should be done locally on the same server. Btw, I provide the data as web API or WCF Webservice.
Any help to find the light is welcome.

It is time we talk about and expose the intentions and methods of Christian Missionaries who convert Indians on the pretext of money, lies and fraudery.

Help spread the message.

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Astronauts take fashion seriously...
Spacesuits aren't just for looks, they're critical life support systems. The orange and Sokul suits are worn inside of spacecrafts during launch/reentry, blue suits are worn on Earth, & EMU spacesuits protect astronauts on spacewalks. #NYFW

I am not sure if we ever able to make contact with lander. But this whole saga caught the imagination of . I am seeing a lot of young minds discussing and dreaming about our space abilities.
In that respect, yes is landed. Now it will trigger . With that i believe we as a country will reach new heights.
Thanks !!

Want to see the ice giant planet Neptune? You’re in luck!

STEP 1: Grab your telescope
STEP 2: Go outside
STEP 3: Look up and enjoy the view!

Get more details from @NASAScienceCast: 

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