Weather is not the reason though...ISLAMABAD 4degC and clear skies.

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astronomers observed most powerful GRB ever in the history. It produced the total energy that our sun produces in 10 billion years, in one second.

Friends are sharing screenshots from the birdsite. Seems the trailer of Tanaji film has triggered a lot of people 😂

How come Japan, Russia, China, Germany can teach even engineering in thir own language but we could not.
They able to do that because they have a lot of self-respect. They respect their culture and languages. They don't care about english. They learn english as one of the subjects. We teach english as if it's our mother tongue

Most of the computer languages were developed by non english speaking guys. They had their education in their own native languages. Our India, renowned for computer programmers but could not made one computer language. India made job seekers than job providers. Therefore we always learn job provider's languages and cultures.
We are physically free but mentally still in slavery. When we take control of our education and our languages then only we become super powers.

Sharia law in New York. Government should make sure this does not happen here in India.

@inditoot I am planning to make an UWA for inditoot. Can you point to me resource like, .NET Libraries, things to take care and any other notes. I saw couple of .NET libraries under developer section. Can you tell be best one among them?

Church is untouched (which is little ahead to this demolished temple). But GOVT demolished Temple which was daily worshipped by devotees. This operation was done in the midnight without any intimation.

* Babur : 61 places named after him
* Humayun : 11 places
* Akbar : 251 places
* Jahangir : 141 places
* Shah Jahan : 63 places
* Aurangzeb : 177 places

We find names of Mughuls everywhere though they ruled for 300 years. But hardly find names of Hindus who ruled for 3000 years

From twitter,

missionaries at night illegal enter the Hillock near Chennai at the Ancient temple of Shiva & Parvathi located

They prayed to 'Jesus' to Chase away satans Shiva, Parvathi and harvest souls of Hindus (Via WA)

How long will GOI allow this?

India's Chandrayaan-2 Orbiter at the Moon Is Now Tracking Solar Flares

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