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Just watched the movie and agree 100% with this, with following additions :

The movie insults ISRO, its scientists and their spiritual/religious beliefs big time and ends up eulogising bollywood itself.

The "science" work shown is a crude caricature as well - running more on bollywoodia emotions and "jugaad" than logic or research/scholarly work.

Bottomline : Shameless propaganda for romanticized Islam thinly masked as promotion of Indian space programme.

@Amrit @yamujala

Turns out Mission Mangal is complete Propoganda movie.

#Bollywood #india

A couple in Hyderabad, has taken up initiative of building houses&other structures using sheets made of processed plastic waste.P Lingam says "In 2017 we saw a video where a bull was being operated&plastic was being removed from its stomach.Then we started reading up on it"(16.8)

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