@yamujala Report it to CMO & other senior police personnel of the state

@Amrit in that videos it was shown that police too assisting the officials than public.

@yamujala Andhra is gone really. Raja bhaiyya is the only hope

@Amrit @yamujala Don't write them off yet... They have started fighting back, albeit a bit late but surely. I have been living in Hyderabad for 26+ years. I know.
Do you know that the people of 'Andhra' are THE ONLY group which has retained the name for more than 15000 years... They are mentioned in oldest literary works dated ~15K+ years. Follow Shahjio on twitter to get the real situation.

@Amrit @yamujala
True Story: My neighbor married his college girl friend with a Hindu name. After their daughter was about 3 years old he discovered that his wife is a Christian. She & her family began to pressurize him to convert. After one such "session", he walked out & got permanent tattoos on both shoulders. Om on 1 & Trishul on the other. His daughter maybe 6+ now. He is not filing for divorce after living apart for 3 yrs. Waiting for her to file first to avoid Alimony/ Settlement Demands.

@hindujedi @yamujala omg catholics hv a tendency nevr to giv divorce
But he shd consult a lawyer
He can file for divorce on grounds of fraud happened vd him
A gud lawyer can surely guide him correctly

@Amrit @yamujala She is not a Catholic... Pentecostal or something which is spreading in South India...

@Amrit nothing is really gone. They were converted for a reason. Unless as a hindu society we do something about it, we cannot win them back. In our hindu society the brotherly feeling is missing. We don't raise our collective voice on hindu causes.
To win those converts back we need a strategy. First is counter them in their own language. Next make aware of fault lines of Christianity. At the same time make them vaare of uniqueness of hinduism.

@yamujala For all this we need volunteers to work on ground. How would someone work on ground if their n their family's expenses aint taken care of 😞

@Amrit Correct!! That's where our donations comes helpful. Choose the organization that is working in your area and help them with your donations and voluntary. That's how christians doing by taking 10% cut from monthly salary. If a poor christian can do that why not us? Let's pledge a percentage of our income for donations and donate regularly to right organization working in our respective area.

@Amrit that's what I am doing monthly. 1% goes to Lord Shiva and rest will go to some organization. Unless we financially commit we never cam make an impact.

@Amrit Actually we should also fund the independent social media like @inditoot so that they too build up their strength. Idea is what we are doing for our indic community.

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