@yamujala Dunno that but they're surely gonna eat up lot of Human jobs 😭😭😭

@Amrit Sooner we as humans should work on population control. If not we will not have enough jobs left for them. All the entry level and middle level jobs can be replaced by . Jobs which needs physical effort will be replaced by and repeated jobs by , interesting times ahead.
This reminds me the movie WALL-E, where they shown humans as just blobs of flesh as no mental and physical work is necessary.

Son: Dad want to be a pilot
Me: No, that job will be done by computer
Son: What about astronaut?
Me: No, his jobs are already replaced by robots and computers
Son: Computer engineer??
Me: already AI is writing the code, so not happening
Son: Ok, I am going to sleep
Me: Yep, that's not replaced by anything as of now..

@yamujala 😅🤘🏻🥴😂😂😂
Bring barter system back. I want to marry someone n cook food on wooden fire n tk care of home n kids. Fed up of urban life drama n show off hollow lifestyle

@yamujala Yeah I've seen that movie & its horrible.. I can see that comin 😬🥺😪

Forgot the name who said it but he predicts in future jobs will be only for 4 hours AI robots will take over human jobs soon

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